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Full Version: Where are the vintage collectors? There are Pics here
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Well Tony i always said i would post my collection
heres the link to my 62-63 parkhurst.
heres all my 50's and early 60's
I'm TRYING to collect Vintage cards of my beloved Ottawa Senators...I have 2 of the 1911-12 C55's, one of which is my signature....
Here are some of my cards, I have Hundreds of pre 60 Cards The first is a Quaker Oats and the others Johnny Pierson with three different backs. The Blank Back is super rare
Here are some of mine, Beehives are some of my doubles, Topps are from near complete raw nrmt set need 4 cards, I have 4 of the bowers, the Pierson shows same card with super rare three different backs Always looking to trade
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