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Full Version: LF 2007/08 Artifacts Copper Parallels and 1of1
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I`m looking for 2007/08 Artifacts Base, Rookie- and Legendary Legacies Copper Parallels #/10 and 1of1`s. All you can offer. I want to collect the whole ParallelSet.
We can trade but I will also buy!

Maintarget are the Copper Parallels #/10!

If someone got or is knowing about another who got Lebron James or Kevin Durant from this Set (all colors) please let me know.

What I`ve got so far (38/200):

- Michael Jordan 4/10 (rarest and hardest card to get except the 1of1)
- Pete Maravich 4/10 (seems to be a hot card.... a lot of people asking me to sell it)
- Julius Erving 4/10
- Larry Bird 10/10
- George Mikan 9/10 (incoming)
- John Havlicek 2/10
- Bill Walton 4/10
- Paul Arizin 2/10
- Clyde Drexler 9/10
- Lenny Wilkins 4/10
- Hakeem Olajuwon 2/10
- Dennis Rodman 7/10 (incoming)
- Jerry West 4/10
- Moses Malone 10/10
- Oscar Robertson 1/10 (Jersey Numbered )
- Bill Laimbeer 7/10
- Bob Cousy 3/10
- Rick Barry 7/10
- Josh Smith 10/10
- Raymond Felton 5/10
- Monta Ellis 8/10 (Jersey Numbered )
- Carmelo Anthony
- Kobe Bryant 9/10 (incoming)
- Gerald Green 1/10
- Chris Bosh 6/10
- Alonzo Mourning 6/10 (incoming)
- Randy Foye 10/10 (incoming)
- Rashad McCants 07/10 (incoming)
- Pau Gazol 9/10
- Carlos Boozer 3/10
- Andres Nocioni 6/10
- Tayshaun Prince 4/10 (incoming)
- Jason Richardson 7/10
- Kevin Durant #/10 (incoming) (The most wanted parallel from this set after the 1of1)
- Al Thornton Rc 10/10
- Joakim Noah Rc 5/10
- Aaron Gray Rc 10/10
- Alando Tucker 9/10 (incoming)

Pictures of my have list:

[Image: img791.jpg][Image: img793.jpg]
[Image: img790.jpg][Image: img792.jpg]
[Image: img827.jpg][Image: img828.jpg]
[Image: img794.jpg][Image: img795.jpg]
[Image: img796.jpg][Image: img797.jpg]
[Image: img798.jpg][Image: img813.jpg]
[Image: img814.jpg][Image: img816.jpg]
[Image: img817.jpg][Image: img818.jpg]

[Image: img799.jpg][Image: img812.jpg]
[Image: img802.jpg][Image: img815.jpg]
[Image: img824.jpg][Image: img820.jpg]
[Image: img801.jpg][Image: img800.jpg]
[Image: img825.jpg][Image: img834.jpg]

[Image: img819.jpg][Image: img821.jpg]
[Image: img833.jpg]
I can tell you that I have the Karl Malone 1/1 but am also looking for the cooper. Good Luck
push the request!
push again!
Push again!
Push my request! Please help me to finish my dream!
(06-30-2012, 12:21 PM)s0ulspin Wrote: [ -> ]Push my request! Please help me to finish my dream!
Many out there share in that dream friend. I believe I've got a minimum of 15 coppers that you dont have... at a quick glance to your collection. I't s a fun past time with patience. I wish you good luck. A tip...... the Copper Andre Iguadala will be another hard one to find, as my brother and I each have one. There's 8 left to find.... good luck on him!

Hi there, I have the complete set of 2007-08 Artifacts 1-230, with around 46 /10 and a few #'d 1/1 along with many #'d /100, /50 and /25. I'm actually come up close to selling the entire set jersey's/Auto's, the whole set soon. If any questions or concerns I'll try to get back to any collector questions!