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Full Version: Grades Popped!
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It's been a long time since I've posted. Sent in a sub to SGC for the 50s/60s special last month. The grades just popped! Overall, I am pretty happy! I knew the oddball cards would grade low. I just wanted them slabbed for my PC. Almost done with my SGC graded 84 or higher 1962 Topps Cardinals team set. Picked up some recently that will be heading off to New Jersey with the next decent special. I will post scans when I get them:

1950 Bowman 71 RED SCHOENDIENST SGC 60
1952 Wheaties STAN MUSIAL Portrait SGC 10
1952 Wheaties STAN MUSIAL Action SGC 10
1962 Topps 52 N.L. BATTING LEADERS SGC 88
1962 Topps 370 KEN BOYER SGC 84
1962 Topps 531 BOBBY G. SMITH High# SGC 88
1962 Topps 579 JIM SCHAFFER High# SP SGC 84
1963 Topps 83 CHARLEY JAMES SGC 88
1963 Topps 415 BOB GIBSON SGC 84
1963 Topps Peel-Offs KEN BOYER SGC 60
1963 Topps Peel-Offs STAN MUSIAL SGC 60
1964 Topps 24 CARL SAWATSKI SGC 88
1964 Topps 119 GARY KOLB SGC 84
1964 Topps Venezuelan 160 KEN BOYER SGC 30
1964 Topps Venezuelan 160 KEN BOYER SGC 20

Thanks for looking!
Nice, can not wait to the pics. I bet with the SGC slab those look great. Congrats
very nice! congrats!