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Full Version: NFL Player and WWE Champ at my sons practice
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Some of you may know that I have had a chance to meet several different NFL players but this past Thursday my youngest son was at his football practice and thought he saw someone. He came over to me and said "daddy, I think that is Randy Orton over there." I walked down and sure enough it was former Chicgao Bears/St Louis Rams LS Chris Massey and Randy Orton. They were just wrapping up running their remote control cars. I knew that Chris and Randy are best friends and said hey to Chris and he introduced me to Randy, very nice guy and very BIG! I told him how much of a fan my son Brody was of his and that he had a poster in his room. Chris said he would go say hello to the team and Randy said" Bring Brody over here to me and I have a picture for him." I took Brody over and his eyes were HUGE! He has met many NFL players but he was more Star stuck meeting his hero. I did not have a camera but here is the picture he gave Brody plus he signed his jersey for him too. The other kids were very surprised to get to meet a former NFL player too.

[Image: randyorton.jpg]
Thats so cool! Your boys sure are lucky. Always nice to hear when stars are good guys, especially for kids.
Great story glad to hear Orton is a stand up guy!
what a great story... Athletes that ACTUALLY CARE about their fans... more should take notice...
I guess it's a good thing Randy got suspended and had the free time. Glad he's still being cool to the fans.
If you seen the Orton dvd (streaming on Netflix now), it shows how he turned around from being a jerk to fans to more friendly after he had his kid. It also gave the impression that he gave up some bad habbits, but the wellness suspension has ppl questioning that one now.
Thats awesome!! Now that Stone Cold & The Rock are gone, I pretty much only watch wwe for Orton. Im a huge fan. Thats awesome he took the time to meet & greet ur son. Wish more athlete were that nice (& accomedating)