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Full Version: question on coins from pinnacle mint
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. do i know if i have a gold plated coin versus a regular gold coin (both 97/98 and 96/97)?

Same thing with silver there are various variations

on a side note i created a new thread yesterday and it was removed but no explanation was given and as far as i know its subject isn't against forum rules?
The Gold ones are noticably shinier and much more gold in color when placed next to the ordinary brass coins. The solid gold coins were only available via redemption and those are long since expired.

On top of that, on the back of each gold plated coin, from both 96-97 and 97-98, there is a small bit of writing that says "Gold Plated". It is very obvious on the 96-97 coins, but much tougher to find on the 97-98 coins. There is also gold plated artist's proofs in 97-98 that are written on the back as "1 of 100", above which it says "Gold Plated Artist's Proof".
Quick and great answer. Such a knowledge base that this sight has.
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