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Full Version: Ladies & Gentlemen, I am proud to present to you...
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My FIRST complete rainbow! Got the last redemption in the mail yesterday, and all I need now is a few printers plates and she is all done.

Ruby Auto /50 (exch), Brand Logo 1/6, Laundry Tag /5, Emerald Base /5, Sapphire Base /10, Sapphire Auto /10 (exch), Black Base 1/1, Black Auto 1/1, Base /199
[Image: datsrainbow1.jpg]

Jersey /99, Laundry Tag Printers Plate 1/1, (3) Patch /25, (3) Jersey Number /25
[Image: datsrainbow2.jpg]

(6) Nameplate /25
[Image: datsrainbow3.jpg]

(4) Prime /25
[Image: datsrainbow4.jpg]

Thank you all for looking, this is by far my most difficult and biggest milestone in collecting thus far by me. I thank you all who traded or sold to me some of these. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
holy good god theres alot.. well done! wow,good choice of set to.
Wow thats a massive achievement for sure!! Just awesome out of curiosity are your black cards numbered 1/1? I have seen some numbered buy my sedin auto wasn't stamped.
Very NICE!!
Wow! Nice work!!
Great accomplishment Nick!!! Lots of Sweet cards there. Congrats!!!
Awesome looking collection. CONGRATS and good luck in finding the plates.
amazing work congrats!!
Yeah the black's are stamped 1/1 on each of them.
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