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Full Version: A few old PC items FT. Archives Bowman Best Breaks FT
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Looking to move some new cards and a few old PC items as well. Looking for lots of things in return.

Jeter cards
Archives Autos
Archives SPs and inserts I need for a Master set (listed in org)
Turkey Red SPs 45 from 2005, 8 from 06 and 13 from 07
2012 GQ mini base and Variations

I also have a full base set of 2012 archives 1-200 FT along with many singles if you just need a few to complete.

Need a good auto for the Lincecum Auto. Wont trade down on it. Looking for a new PC card for an old PC card.

[Image: perezriverfrontrelic.jpg]
[Image: perezBBprosau.jpg]
[Image: ortizBBgold50.jpg]
[Image: archivesrelicscabrera-1.jpg]
[Image: 07BBRCauLincy.jpg]
[Image: 07BBauHanley.jpg]
[Image: 03toppsblackGriffey52.jpg]
[Image: smith2012bwmnau.jpg]
[Image: SanchezBBau.jpg]
[Image: pieBBRCgreen249.jpg]
[Image: RichJones12bwmnblueref.jpg]
[Image: pomeranzgoldrc.jpg]
[Image: PerkinsBBau.jpg]
[Image: maybinBBau.jpg]
[Image: matherbbau.jpg]
[Image: Mantle2010TR.jpg]
[Image: kylesimonbwmnorg249.jpg]
[Image: kemp3darchives.jpg]
[Image: fairchildBBprosblue99.jpg]
[Image: DeAzaBBau.jpg]
[Image: billhallBBau.jpg]
[Image: arodRD2500.jpg]
[Image: arodBB500HR.jpg]
[Image: archivesSPTiant.jpg]
[Image: archivesSPkingman.jpg]
[Image: archivesSPJoyner.jpg]
[Image: archivesSPHoward.jpg]
[Image: arodtoppschromethrowbacks.jpg]
[Image: arodbowmanchromethrowbacks.jpg]
[Image: dicekRCSP.jpg]
[Image: StantonUPDRC.jpg]
[Image: StantonPlatinumRC.jpg]
[Image: Jeter10thannvteamdouble.jpg]
[Image: Ohlendorf2008RCauto.jpg]
[Image: NeyjerMorganauto.jpg]
[Image: Johnmarkowensbraves50.jpg]
[Image: GreisingerUSAauto.jpg]
[Image: BrandonHicksREFau2010.jpg]
[Image: RandyJohnsonJsy.jpg]
[Image: mikeminor11ginterbzka25.jpg]
[Image: Colon07Ginterblackhino.jpg]
[Image: Chipper06TRjsy.jpg]
[Image: 12GQMoonshotsPujols.jpg]
[Image: VMart07ASStitches.jpg]
[Image: UtleyJsy.jpg]
[Image: PerryJsyTexasuni.jpg]
[Image: McconJsy.jpg]
[Image: cansecobat.jpg]
[Image: rolenrelic.jpg]
[Image: landreauxau.jpg]
[Image: 12TributeDawsongrn75Blk99.jpg]
[Image: 12GQMoonshotsPujols.jpg]
[Image: DmitriYoung08ginterbat.jpg]
[Image: ozzienightSP.jpg]
[Image: obamanightSP.jpg]
[Image: lowrieginterrelic.jpg]
[Image: latosginterrelic.jpg]
[Image: konerkorelic.jpg]
[Image: josephmusgroveauto.jpg]
[Image: Jeter3kdiamond.jpg]
[Image: EYoungJrRCau.jpg]
[Image: DiceKadbkSP.jpg]
[Image: delgadoquadrelic.jpg]
[Image: BartlettAU.jpg]
[Image: AsdubalRc.jpg]
[Image: mccarthyblack.jpg]
[Image: wallacejsy.jpg]
please check me for the ortiz i would love to add that to my pc
Interested in that Griffey.
(06-03-2012, 10:44 AM)jdberia Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in that Griffey.
Looking for an equal value Jeter in return for that. Its a hard one to let go of.

Rascrush, didnt see any of what Im looking for, sorry.
(06-03-2012, 09:53 AM)toddaray Wrote: [ -> ][Image: perezriverfrontrelic.jpg]
I am interested in the Tony Perez. Check my org for some Jeters.
CHeck me for the Minor Bazooka please Smile
Got a cramp scrolling. Like the Pujols Moonshots and if Pete doesn't get the Minor Bazooka, give me a look...Mel
Like a shot at the Cabrera jsy. Thanks.
Interested in the Cabrera archives relic, maybe a few other archives things too.
Minor Bazooka back is gone, cards will go out tuesday Pete.

Mel, open offer sent.

Mike, didnt see anything this time sorry.

Haze, nothing I can use, thanks though.
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