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Full Version: Kobe Garnett Iverson added to my NBA
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Some nice rookies available. Check out some of what i've entered as i'll be adding much more in the future. Just let me know what cards you want the most & i'll put together a list of what i have. My interests are as follows:

1-UFC/MMA cards
3-Wilt Chamberlain, DR. J Erving, Kareem
4-Current Roster Raptors
5-Gretzky & Bobby Orr

I also specialize in collecting anything that is either first printed #001/288, #01/99, or #1/1 & even anything last printed like #25/25 or #8/8. Also like cards serial numbered to athletes jersey # like Jordan #23/99. I have lots to trade so just pm me or start up some sort of trade with the organize. I like making trades where both parties benefit from dealing with each other instead of trying to get the better end of a deal. Just let me know what you want the most & i'll see if i can deliver.