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Full Version: Help finishing 11-12 crown regular set and ruby!(udated july 17)
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so heres a list of what i need to finish

11-12 crown royale REG

cards needed-


11-12 crown royale RUBY

cards that i have-


updated as of july 17, i only trade using the trade tool so have your organize ready and shoot me a trade offer.

thanks for looking, JV
I have
24, 78, 112, 114, 140 Regular set & 43, 68 & 96 Ruby

24, 114 Regular
titan501ca-sent you a message via trade tool

Golfinguy7-if things dont pan out w/titan501ca ill contact you for them base.

Got these...
base 1, 21, 112, 126, 29, 140, 161
red: 63, 72, 79, 95
Also got a Rundblad Silhouette, 2 color, and a TON of UD series 1 and 2 Canvas. Would love to move everything possible for a decent piece or two of trade bait (if not a PC card.)
UPDATED. adding more cards to my trade list today also, woohoo base stand down!! free trading day!
thanks to titan501ca, dan_dou_lea, drajik who helped me knock off some needs and super easy to
trade with, much appreciated. looking to finish these sets.bump
thanks to pierre123456, rayeates, rookieaholic2nd for really helping me out with these sets.
-Dave thanks for making that stellar deal work much appreciated i owe ya one!
-Randi thanks for the card buddy.
-Pierre super easy trade thanks alot man!
bumpin for more cards on the list, feel free to send open offers.
I have # 125, offer sent. See if there is anything else you can use to even it up.
getting close to finishing the main, just added more to my trade list also
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