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Full Version: farewell to nick lidstrom
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word has it nick lidstrom is hanging up the skates. farewell to a great player
Won't be filling those skates any time soon!!!
Living 45 minutes outside Detroit and being a life-long Red Wings fan, Lidstrom will be surely missed on the blue line. Many many people have taken him for granted and wont realize how great he actually was for this team. They'll notice now, now that he is gone. Hopefully the Wings can pick up Ryan Suter and Barrett Jackman to help with the 'D'.
(06-01-2012, 10:38 PM)ty4orce Wrote: [ -> ]Won't be filling those skates any time soon!!!
agreed. he was one of those defenseman who could do it all. 1st HOFer in my books
I loved watching him the last 20 years. His number will be hanging in the rafters at the Joe!
he be in the HOF soon
im guessing shoe in his first time around
lidstrom is a top 3 all-time defenseman. period.

all the guys i grew up with are gone or goin'
Such a great player and person all around. He will be missed both in Detroit and the States. I hear he and his family are moving back home.
that sucks but i guess hes gotta do right by his family
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