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Full Version: Linus Omark giveaway
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I bought one of those 10-11 Score Rookies and Traded box sets and the auto I pulled was Linus Omark. I am pretty picky about the condition of my autos, and there is some damage to the bottom edge of the card, especially the lower right hand corner. Here is a scan:

[Image: 001-39.jpg]

If anyone wants it, let me know. First one to respond gets the card. Shipping will be in a top loader and PWE.

ok I'll bite, but you should see if I have anything in return.
that is a nice gift away
Card arrived today, its a great addition to my Edmonton Oilers collection, thank you very much.
Nice gift.
(06-08-2012, 07:51 PM)dam1057 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice gift.
Yes a very generous gesture, and much appreciated. needs a like button like Facebook has.
nice hit, to bad for the damage! great to see it make it to a fellow Oil collector