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Full Version: Windsor Card Show Breaks
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Went to the Windsor Card Show today and picked up some nice additions to my Roy PC at a very nice price. I went to pick up singles but I can't leave a card show without breaking something. My luck with packs is pretty hot and cold but I wanted to sample some of the new products so here goes.

First pack: 11/12 Contenders
[Image: 1112cont_henrique_rc.jpg]

And that's it for Contenders! Don't think I'm going to top that. Next!

Second pack: 11/12 SPx
All base!

Third pack: 11/12 BTP
[Image: 1112btp_auto_mayer.jpg]

Not too shabby. Also got 1 BTP point of Luongo.

Fourth pack: 11/12 Certified
[Image: 1112cert_fotg_shelley.jpg]

Could have been worse (like my last few packs). Gotta stop buying this stuff, I rarely even break even on it. I never see anyone selling Artifacts packs anymore, though so I always seem to keep coming back.

Fifth pack: 11/12 Black Diamond
All base, one <><><> though
[Image: 1112bd_chara.jpg]

I guess today I was hot! 3 hits in 5 packs is a good day for me - especially when one is a nice rookie auto. Thanks to Scott at Stadium Sports Cards!

a few good hits congrats