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Full Version: My 2011-12 Patrick Roy Between The Pipes Collection
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I thought me & Bruce had it rough tracking down the Irbes, but g'damn, I would not want to be in you shoes... Theres gotta be like at least 30 Roys out of this set!! But mad props to you for grabbing all of them, and good luck completing the collection!

Yeah every year I hope that they cut back on his stuff in the set, but it seems to be about 30-40 cards each time...then there is 2006-07 where I have 42 of them already and not even close to being done that year.
Beautiful cards! Hope you land em all.
hi i got the 2008-09 superlative roy brodeur luongo kiprusoff 1 of 9 i sell it for 80$ or 65$ with 15$ trading cards i don't really understand how its work here so if you interesting send me a message to thanks yves m
(05-27-2012, 12:43 PM)snobles Wrote: [ -> ]This will eventually work itself back into my entire collection post but I wanted to keep it focused on this years set at this point.

If you see anything missing that you have please let me know. I have about 5 more coming in but I just couldn't wait any longer.


[Image: th_10th.jpg][Image: th_HSHSPoints.jpg]

[Image: th_mm41ruby.jpg][Image: th_MM41Silver.jpg][Image: th_mm41gold.jpg]

[Image: th_mm40ruby.jpg][Image: th_mm40silver.jpg][Image: th_MM40Gold.jpg]


[Image: th_RoyLBPAU.jpg]


[Image: th_RoyFisetSilver.jpg][Image: th_RoyAbbyGold.jpg]

[Image: th_RoyAbbySilver.jpg][Image: th_RoyFisetGold.jpg]

[Image: th_RoyRacicotGold.jpg]

[Image: th_RoySoetaertSilver.jpg][Image: th_RoySoetaertGold.jpg]

[Image: th_JumboJersey.jpg]

[Image: th_DualJourneySilver.jpg][Image: th_JourneyGold.jpg]

[Image: th_Decades1980Silver.jpg][Image: th_Decades1980Silver-1.jpg]

[Image: th_Decades1990Silver.jpg]

[Image: th_RoyCannSilver.jpg][Image: th_RoyCannGold.jpg]

[Image: th_RoyChouinardSilver.jpg]

[Image: th_RoyPriceVachonSilver.jpg]

[Image: th_JerseySilver.jpg][Image: th_m23Gold.jpg]


[Image: th_JumboGlove.jpg]


[Image: th_PatchSilver.jpg]

[Image: th_FullGear2Silver.jpg]

[Image: th_FullGear4Silver.jpg]


[Image: th_StickJerseySilver.jpg]

[Image: th_JumboJerseyStick.jpg]

[Image: th_JumboStick.jpg]

Current Grids:

[Image: 2011-12BTPPage1.jpg]
[Image: 2011-12BTPPage2.jpg]
[Image: 2011-12BTPPage3.jpg]
[Image: 2011-12BTPPage4.jpg]

Thanks for any comments, it has been a lot of fun so far and thanks to all who have helped.

Very impressive collection. Fill in those few holes and post again!
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