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Full Version: OT: Nice Jofa 280, non card related...
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I did a post awhile back that showed off some of my non card things I collect. Included were some pics of my JOFA model 280 helmets - The Irbe style. Which is the helmet I wear when I play goalie. I also buy them, sand them, repaint & sell them. Well cool (to me anyway story) lil story. I went out with a girl I know to her friend house for drinks, and when we were leaving what to I spot on the wall?? I JOFA 280 helmet... Im like Holy SH** why do you have that? Shes like I bought it for my son at a garage sale, but he doesnt like it. I asked her what she wants for it? She tells me you can just have it, I bought it for $3 and its just gonna sit there. I told here nah, im not gonna just take, you want $20?? She wouldnt take it, so after a few mins of convincing she finally let me give her $20 and put the $20 in her sons piggy bank... SAAAA-WEEEEEET... What are the odds of randomly finding another one of these?? People charge a fortune on ebay for these things...

This one is getting sanded down and repainted red. When im done Ill have 4 PC's of the helmet. All repaints, white, black, blue (dynamo riga) & now red (cccp)... the 5th one I pickup will be the navy Irbe wore in vancouver...

LOL so theres my story that no one cars about that I wanted to share haha
Very cool story! It's nice when you are able to find things that you appreciate just lying around elsewhere! Congrats on the great pick-up, and the huge integrity! Best luck for number 5!!!

that is pretty cool story
As somebody who has personally had two Jofa Irbe Combos, I can truly confirm how difficult it is to find these, especially in good condition. One thing: you're a brave man to be playing in such a mask.. They don't disperse impact very well with such a flat forehead and such a thin plastic shell.
Do you have pics of the ones you have completed so far?
(05-27-2012, 02:03 PM)snobles Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have pics of the ones you have completed so far?
The white & black ones were posted. the white mask that was yellowing in the pic I posted with the other 2 was what I turned into the blue riga mask... They look beat up in the pics, because like I said I actually play in them. As for the poster that said your a brave man for playing in them, nah they protect just fine. Ive never had any issues what so ever with them obsorbing puck hits. I really dont think a 15lb bullet proof modem mask is nessicary, as its to much over kill. The only problem ive ever had with the Irbe Jofa is if I take a shot to the side of the jaw cup, it has poped my jaw out of place a handful of times. Never broken, its just annoying for about a week since ya cant close your mouth right.
One mask I enjoy wearing every once in awhile is my Mike Luit storm trooper replica mask... It works just fine, just cant see worth a damn out of it haha

Pucks travel just as fast now a days as they did back when the Jofa was popular (despite what people like to say) , and their were a lot less head injuried back in those days... The helmet is perfectly safe and there is no other mask I will ever wear. I paid about $350 for a modern shell, and sold it a week later cause I absolutely hated it.

They dont have the Irbe cage on them in the pic... The one I just picked up is yellowed like the one on the left
[Image: irbemask.jpg]