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Full Version: Real or fake?
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Never seen his auto with the "#"30

It was my fathers. We are in Detroit and it was purchased at a convention long ago Mid 90s.

Just wondering if anyone seen such a clear non scribble auto. Also I don't remember the year but I don't think many people even seen this mask of his he never used it of course.

[Image: FILE0001.jpg]

hard to say but here is some other autos with his 30

[Image: chrisosgood.jpg]

[Image: collectandsave_2151_1576065765__74145_zoom.jpg]

[Image: 2000%2001%20UD%20GJ%20Auto%20Chris%20Osg...Serie2.jpg]

none of these are mind but hope that helps
Thanks. Those look nothing like the one I have. Those look like a normal signature, mine looks way to neat.... like he either took his time to make it look great or ... someone else did. Maybe I need to look into some of his first years of autos and how much they differ to now. Thanks for the help as it was/is much appreciated!!

I love the mask photo too, but if the auto is fake that would make it just not seem right to have showing off ya know.
I have a mid-90's auto 8x10 with a much neater auto than his later signatures are. I can't say for sure if it's real, but I wouldn't immediately call it a fake just because it doesn't look like the cards.

I know he did have a conventional mask made, but never (that I know of) wore it
Can you be so kind to post a pic if its easily available/accessible to you?

Thanks much!
(05-26-2012, 10:23 PM)stircrazy Wrote: [ -> ]Can you be so kind to post a pic if its easily available/accessible to you?

Thanks much!
I'm sorry, but it's not. I'll try and dig it up
Gotta admit, I'm a little disappointed. With a title like that, I was hoping to see something else to look at...... LOL. Auto is legit