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Full Version: Who do you want?
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As you all know....Im a huge Pens fan....

However....for the sake of the cup...

I want the Rangers to lose, Devils advance and get beaten by the Kings for the Cup!

I think I would have to agree with you on this. I really dont care too much for the Rangers and have a good buddy that is a Devils fan, so it would make for a pretty fun Finals.


WOOOOHOOOO!! Rangers are out!!!!

I think want the Devils to win it. Yeah, and I want the world to end tomorrow too.
I want any scenario that bring Zach Parise to Detroit in the off-season...
I'd like to see the Kings win. They've put together a great team, played well through the playoffs, it's been fun to watch them, and I'd like to see them hoist the cup this year.
I like a few players on each team

but I like 1 staff person for 1 team a lot better then the rest of them so I am cheering for that team Big Grin

and yes I am still BLEED GREEN and BLUE
(05-26-2012, 06:56 AM)phildo37 Wrote: [ -> ]I want any scenario that bring Zach Parise to Detroit in the off-season...
all depends on 2 things, Marty and $$$
I would love to see my favorite playing goalie hoist the Cup for his final hurrah! Devils are my pick!

im taking the kings to win the cup. ive been impressed by them throughout the playoffs
"Philly West" has looked really good through the entire playoffs and will be tough to beat. I'm super excited the Rangers are out, too!
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