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Full Version: Why no Ignite hobby box breaks posted?
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Just as the title says. Has no one gotten their hands on a hobby box of Ignite? I just wanna see some breaks before I get a chance to buy one. I like the designs I see from the PP site and from the retail breaks but would love to see an actual hobby break.
Cause Im poor Wink
I am poor too, just easier spending $20 or so at a time than over $90 for a hobby box.

I did a 10 box case. What is left from it is in my bucket as traders, not listed in org yet. Nice release overall but i think they are starting to flood the market with the sig series. I liked it when they were only numbered to door numbers, held their value and made for an awsome hit instead of knowing there is one per box
I am also too poor, and nobody sells them around here.

Gotta be honest though, I don't really like the look of most of the Ignite cards - the Steel Horses insert set is cool, but the RU cards just aren't doing it for me - they look somewhat cheap or something.

That being said - of course I still need to get the Carl Edwards ones, but I won't be buying anymore of this product (only bought a few retail packs.)

I'm on the 'POOR' bus too. I was hoping to use some tax money for a box of these, but it just isn't going to work out for me this year. I do agree that PP adding 'hits' to nearly every pack is ruining this hobby. Haven't they seen what happened with the near monopolies in MLB and NFL? PP needs to stop trying to re-invent what was already a great company. They have now ditched ALL of my favorite product lines to replace them with stuff I can't afford OR do not wish to buy!
I want Eclipse and VIP back! Fanfare was a great addition to the PP line, but it replaced a set instead of being an addition.
I have never liked any of the Wheels sets but they still exist, while the sets I like have been dumped. I am near to treating NASCAR releases like I do MLB releases... I just don't care anymore. I'd rather spend my money on other hobbies than waste money buying the same thing over and over but with a different name.
PP is ruining their name and the hobby by going to only high dollar releases.
(05-30-2012, 12:15 AM)spazmatastic Wrote: [ -> ]PP is ruining their name and the hobby by going to only high dollar releases.
I agree completely. And whats funny is the products cost is going up and the hits bv's are going down...?
Well, what can you expect when they keep making the 'hits' be $8-$10 single-color RU'd cards of people no one really collects?!!
IMO, it is no longer a 'hit' when there are more one-color RU cards (inc. base parallels, inserts, and actual MEM sets) than there are base cards in the set.
Base sets are getting smaller, parallel sets are massively increasing and Inserts (RU, AU and otherwise) continue to get larger or more numerous! To top that off, the RU'd pieces seem to get smaller with each release.
I've already dumped collecting MLB and NFL cards for nearly the same reasons. This is really starting to tick me off!!!
Between Topps, UD, Panini... and now PP, I am damn near done with collecting cards until the hobby crashes and restructures to give the collectors what they really want. The companies keep 'giving the collectors what they want', but not realizing that they are destroying their fanbase AND pricing out their biggest fans. They need to find a compromise b/t giving people 'what they want' and flooding the market so much that the collectors don't want them anymore!!!
I am just tired of this continuously happening in the sports card industry! Sad
I agree as well still want the Hamlin Cards but really not worth me buying the box seeing as I really collect Drag Racing and INDY cards but without legends I wont get it
THIS IS a statement from jesse ledbetter of press pass. it has been released and I am posting it here for those that have not seen it before

We received a similar comment last week in our inbox so I'll copy/paste our response below. Understandably, when we do away with a brand there are going to be some people that are not happy. If we discontinue a release it's safe to assume that it was because the brand was not performing to expectations (in other words, customers simply weren't buying it).

In regards to flooding the market, a big part of our strategy recently has been to decrease the number of releases we're doing. As a point of reference, in 2009 we put out 11 NASCAR releases. We have 7 releases planned for 2012.

Retiring brands like Element, Eclipse, and Stealth was not an easy decision. Some wanted to retire them a few years ago, but we felt we needed to inject some innovation into them and give them another shot. Last year was my favorite Stealth product we have put out (with the military theme/inscriptions), yet the brand still underperformed. Meanwhile, brands like Showcase, Legends, and FanFare were among our most popular.

We have tried very hard to avoid the slippery slope of cramming more hits into boxes, but in the end we need to deliver what customers want. Look at the feedback on this site from 2012 Press Pass Racing, and the majority of the feedback is the same - the product needs more hits. It puts us in a tough position - stay the course and risk sinking or adjust to meet consumer demands and risk saturating the market.

We are constantly reviewing customer feedback and sales trends, and our product line-up is never set in stone for the next year. We will meet to review how the brands performed this year and make adjustments. Your comments don't go unnoticed, and we appreciate your passion for the hobby!

(copy of an official statement last week)

Each year we review our product line and make changes based on customer feedback and the overall performance of each brand. We decided to cut back on the number of NASCAR releases going into 2012 in an attempt to prevent the market from being flooded with NASCAR products.

Additionally, a few of our long-standing brands such as Eclipse, Premium and Stealth had fell short of expectations in recent years so we decided to make some changes. For example, we replaced Eclipse ($144 SRP; 4 hits per box) with Total Memorabilia ($125 SRP; 5 hits per box) while Premium ($100 SRP; one auto plus one relic per box) was replaced with a very similar brand, Ignite ($100 SRP; one auto'd relic plus one relic per box). Stealth and Premium were very similar yet Stealth's popularity had waned over the past few years, so the decision was made to introduce a new brand, Redline ($160 SRP; four hits per box), to the line-up in place of Stealth.

Other popular brands like Legends, FanFare, and Press Pass Racing are still in the line-up for 2012. We will take your feedback, as well as feedback from our other customers, into consideration when we review our brands in preparation for the 2013 season. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts. If you have any additional questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to ask!