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Full Version: A couple small additions to the Lindros collection
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No, I did not make it to the Expo this time around, hopefully some time in the future as it looks like a ton of fun. Thanks to a board member and ebay I did manage to grab a couple of the Redemptions for my collection:

2011-12 Sportkings Hockey Plus Redemption /19

[Image: 2011-12-Spotkings-Expo-Redemption.jpg]

I was able to obtain this in a super easy deal with a local collector. We met up at the local, talked some hobby and made the deal. Bill is a very nice guy and I really enjoyed talking the hobby with him. Not something we hockey collectors get the chance to do down here in Texas very often. This card has a nice three color swatch with just a hint of orange in the upper right corner. Thanks again Bill for the easy deal!

And now for my last Expo pick up, a card that features a low print run, a Team Canada jersey, and an autograph:

2011-12 Upper Deck Priority Signings Spring Expo 2012 /5

[Image: 2011-12-Upper-Deck-Priority-Signing-Spring-Expo.jpg]

I thought this one was going to be difficult to land as I thought there was a good chance most would be sold into collections on the Expo floor. I was lucky and this one hit ebay. A couple offers back and forth with the seller and it was mine. Pretty cool to finally have Lindros included in this set after so many years.

Well that is all, thanks for stopping by!
Great looking Lindors cards. That auto is nasty. I am glad you were able to land one of them.
Awesome stuff!!
sweet additions! congrats!
Nothing wrong with those, nice additions!
Lindros and Fernando. What a great combo. But he was a Dodger, so he sucks. ;-)
great big E pick ups,

I bet your site map gota be amazing Big Grin
Thanks everyone!

(05-22-2012, 07:05 AM)bonnev659 Wrote: [ -> ]great big E pick ups,

I bet your site map gota be amazing Big Grin
The grid looks better with almost every new addition. It's always cool to mark another card off the list!
Very cool! Love that Priority Signings card, they're always nice pickups. Let me know if you need his Winning Materials dual jersey from this year's SPx, I just pulled one a week or so ago.
Sweet additions...hadn't seen the grid in awhile looks even more amazing then I remembered.
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