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Full Version: Mail Call 5/19 scans
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Here are my latest gems from yesterdays mail.....

(Ive been tryying to find this one for a long time!)
07/08 Eric Tangradi
[Image: 05_19_120004.jpg]

11-12 Donruss Elite Joe Vitale RC /999
[Image: 05_19_120002.jpg]

11-12 Donruss Elite Joe Vitale RC /99
[Image: 05_19_120003.jpg]

11-12 SPGU SPECTRUM Joe Vitale RC /10
[Image: 05_19_120001.jpg]

05-06 The Cup Black Diamond BLACK Printing Plate Maxime Talbot 1/1
[Image: 05_19_120005.jpg]


04-05 Sioux Falls Stampede #2-4
11-12 Upper Deck Victory Black #243
11-12 SP Game Used #124 GOLD SPECTRUM 1/1
11-12 SPx #145 /499 - INCOMING
11-12 SPx SPECTRUM #145 /25
11-12 Contenders Calder Contenders #247 /800 - PENDING
11-12 Contenders Patch Auto #247 /100
11-12 Contenders Patch Auto GOLD #247 1/1

11-12 Upper Deck #236 YG Printing Plate BLACK, CYAN & MAGENTA

Any help would be GREATLY Appreciated!!

Thanks for the look & comments as always!
The Denny's card is making me hungry.
Nice mail. I have a few Vitale cards at the moment check my bucket out.
Nice additions. Used to get lots of Bulls stuff with Belleville being so close.
Couple of nice looking cards there for your PC Hugh. Thanks for sharing.
great pick ups congrats

that plate goes well to your PC
Great pickups Hugh!!! Really nice one with the Vitale /10 and the plate for the Talbot. Congrats!!!!