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Full Version: Everybody have a nce day, sorry.
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My views are that YOU my friend are using your bias against Quebec (which I am sure alot of others will share) to voice a bigoted opinion about an entire province and it's people, based on an issue which you obviously do not fully comprehend.

Let me start by saying that I live in Ontario and am an anglophone, so my opinion is NOT based on my language or heritage.

The fact is that in North America, school is DISGUSTINGLY priced. In many parts of Europe, post secondary education is free, and in some countries, the government will actually pay you to go to school.

Just because you are content to bend over and take it, doesn't mean everyone should be content.

It cost me over $25 000 to finish my university Degree, and there was no six figure job waiting for me, just student loans and interest (like many). That one statement that you made about six figure jobs waiting for university grads truly goes a long way to demonstrate the degree to which your ignorance truly extends.

Teachers need a university education, and they sure as hell don't make anywhere near six figures.

Just because Quebec has lower fees (which by the way, are paid for by HIGHER TAXES in QC) doesn't mean that the situation is fine.

The fact is, Ontario has lower fees than the US, but it still costs too much.

I'm very sorry that you never got the chance to attend university and obviously you are holding a grudge (maybe if tuition was cheaper you could have afforded it?) against these students because of it.

Why don't you keep your inflammatory opinions to yourself.

This is a hockey keep your stick on the ice and shut your mouth.
Well said, adamslogik. Especially the part about this being a hobby board.
(05-19-2012, 10:09 PM)adamslogik Wrote: [ -> ]This is a hockey keep your stick on the ice
lets keep it formal guys, so how bout them kings EH!

Wrong board there buddy...
everyone notice it wasn't me dissing Canadians for once Tongue
We all know school is stressful and usually expensive. But, this is a hockey card forum and a place to get away from the ills of the world. Let's watch the soapbox.
the association between well-paying job and university education is a huge misnomer... and, to stick with the fact that this is a HOCKEY board.. does not having a college education prevent many of these players (obviously some played NCAA and presumably graduated) from earning millions of dollars??

There are many more "real world" examples, but, as adamslogik said, let's keep it about hockey..
Really wish I could have read the original post...sounds like it could have been an interesting read.
no kidding.
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