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Full Version: Action 1999 1/24 scale Dale Earnhardt Jr. AC Delco Diecast
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Hello Everyone,

I was hoping someone could help me price a Diecast car from Action. It's a 1/24 Dale Earnhardt Jr. #3 AC Delco 1998 Monte Carlo Limited Edition P249835215-1. Thank you in advance for your help.
First off, welcome to the Beckett Racing forum! I hope you decide to stick around b/c we are a great community to be a part of. There are several very informed/knowledgable members here.

Secondly, we can not tell you the Book Value (BV) for the car. It is against the rules of the Beckett Terms of Service (TOS). You would have to purchase an Online Price Guide (OPG) for that. You can purchase one for a specific driver and it is cheaper than purchasing an OPG for an entire sport.

I wish I could help you more about this, but I am bound by the rules of the site. I do not wish to get suspended from here. I can post links to give you more info though. Check out these 3 links:
Oh yeah. I meant to add a 3rd thing. Attachments do not work here. Try using Photobucket, ImageShack, or some other photo-sharing site to post pics in this forum. Feel free to ask if you need/want some help with that.
i cant see the pic. but i know theres 2 versions of the ac delco
There is a japan version (one with the red pin stripe) and the box has japan language on it.