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Full Version: The Archie Irbe Superbox 1/1 Brothers Are Together at Last!
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As you all likely remember, I showed off my Irbe acquisitions from the amazing Toronto Spring Expo and one of the cards was the Superbox jersey/auto 1/1 acquired from the great guys at the Clouts N Chara booth. Well, the Superbox jumbo jersey did not pop up at the expo so I was getting worried that it would not ever pop-up. Luckily, I got home from work one day and one of my reliable eBay spies had actually picked something up for me. And what did that thing turn out to be? The Superbox Game-Used Memorabilia 1/1 that I had not seen at the show. So, now that the tell is over, here is the show.

These two brothers stand united and look absolutely sick in person. Thanks again to the CNC guys, my "spy" (you know who you are), and to the eBay seller for listing such an item in the first place:

The one I got at the expo:

[Image: 1112IrbeUM11SuperBoxAUJSY1of1.jpg]

The one that I got in the mail today:

[Image: 1112irbeumsuperboxjsy1of1.jpg]

A comment's always welcome, like American Express!
ok that's just sick! Congrats!
Congrats!!! Sweet accomplishment!! Glad you could secure both of them!
Awesome!!. Congrats on grabbing them both. If my bank account (wife) will let me I will be working on the same two cards for my Howard PC.
great additions to an awesome collection! that just looks amazing.

Did you see Nick hit the Ward/Irbe auto /5 from BTP?
Thanks for all of the compliments everyone, they are all much appreciated!

Scott, I did see the pull and tried my hand at negotiating for it, but it so happens that Nick is not interested in money, and in trade, he only has two interests and will not move from that whatsoever. On the plus side, there are four more out there...on the negative, it would have been nice to work out something for the one that has actually popped up.

(05-17-2012, 09:57 PM)snobles Wrote: [ -> ] that just looks amazing.

Did you see Nick hit the Ward/Irbe auto /5 from BTP?
I'm jealous. Hope I can do the same for Hextall.
Excellent set of twins there, congrats on nailing them both down! I can't wait to hit the lottery, collecting is so hard on a tight budget, haha.
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