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Full Version: weighing the options: help me pick a box!
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well, you guys know me. I like autos/relics A LOT lol..I also have the desire to bust something high lets get some opinions of what I think I'd like to bust:
10-11 Famous Fabrics Hockey Edition-75
10-11 ITG Inshrined-72
10-11 Contenders-73
10-11 Luxury Box-98
10-11 Dominion-316
10-11 Pinnacle-45
a 24 fat pack lot of 10-11 Series 1-50
11-12 SPx-110
11-12 Black Diamond-83
11-12 Crown Royale-91

IDK y, but I really want to bust a pack of ICE, so I'm leaning towards the Black Diamond...but I also wanna bust something high I'm leaning towards the Dominion....HELP!!!
if you got the cash.....dominion.....if go with contenders.....lots of autos
(05-17-2012, 04:05 PM)pens fan addict Wrote: [ -> ]if you got the cash.....dominion.....if go with contenders.....lots of autos
Is Dominion really worth it though?
no box go for a gamer personally!
(05-17-2012, 04:14 PM)pens fan addict Wrote: [ -> ]no box go for a gamer personally!
I don't have the kind of money to get a gamer of anyone I give a *bleep* about lol
black diamond and luxury..dont bother with dominion its over rated imo.
Stay away from SPX...I have seen some decent boxes but I have seen more duds.

Are you looking to keep the cards you bust or resale/trade?
I really like the way ITG does business.
10-11 Contenders is one of my favourites, Lots of packs, lots of autos.... go for that one. Plus alot of great rookies that year. Skinner, Stepan, Hall..etc
if you willing to spend that much coin, how about older ITG Ult a few good hits sometimes you can get a box for under price as the highest price item you said

also look for BTPs from ITG as well