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Full Version: Quite Possibly the WORST box of '12 UD!
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Not even worth the pictures in my eyes...

Letterman - Joe Adams "O" - Carolina Panthers
Donnie Fletcher Rookie Auto - (Undrafted FA to the JETS)
Mike Martin Rookie Auto - 3rd rd to TEN Titans

Sad box when likely your best card is a Trent Richardson Ultimate Rookie insert card...

Willing to get rid of any of this stuff for even a few base RCs of Von Miller... help me make this box a slightly better one!
Ahh, bummer man, didn't get a Mascot!

LMK if you want me to send you a box from my lcs, lol. Out of 2 boxes I pulled 9 autos (2 '93 SP vet/HOF) and 1 mascot (which will be yours soon Smile).
I will send you some Von Miller base RCs for these hits lol
Dang man, that sucks. I feel your pain, Had happen to me a few times.
Interested in the Fletcher auto
Check me for the Richardson Ultimate. Thanks!