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Full Version: Can someone help me with a auction ???
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I want this stamkos silhouette on the bay right now. Problem is no paypal I would bid up to $100 on it is there anyway some can look at my bucket and find a card they would be willing to recieves in return for bidding and paying for the stamkos???

Thank You in advance.


good luck!
Thank You PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wouldn't mind doing it for you, but I don't have that kinda $ in my PayPal account right now Sad

Maybe if you were to send me a money order immediately after the listing ends, I could get it deposited and make the payment for you....I would think that process would only take 3-5 days.
went for $114
Yeah I would havepaid up to $140 no biggie ty guys anyway
wish I had the coin to help out. there is other ones