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Full Version: Be Back Soon :)
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Recently moved out to the boonies and don't have internet out there yet. To all traders, everything has been sent out so not to worry. Sorry if I didn't mark the trades as sent, will get around to that when we get up and running in mosquito territory Wink

Feel free to send me some offers so I have something to look forward to upon my return Big Grin

Congrats on the move! Hope you have a great card room!
hope the move goes smoothly
have fun with the move and buy some bug repellent instead of cards. :-)
All good chief? Your Pens ive got for ya arent going anywhere. Smile
I'm back!!! Got the satellite internet feed going today, haha...
you back yet? you back yet? you back yet? lol
Yezzirr!!! haha Big Grin
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