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Full Version: 1 Pack of 2012 Upper Deck!
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Went to LCS bought 1 pack of 2012 UD along with some basketball packs.

UD Pack contained: 93Sp Marques Colston Auto!

Not bad for $6.

It is FS/FT.

Pic in the bucket because my scans on here never work:
check me for the Colston. I dont have much so thanks in advance for looking.
What price are you putting on it FS? PM me if interested in working something
Nice hit man congrads! Those take me back every time I see them...
nto bad for 1 pack
Anybody know an approximate value? Saw 3 go on the bay in completed listings for $31, $32, and $52. I swear I saw one go for $65 but haven't found it since... I feel like I read on upperdeck that these are a 1 per case hit??