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Full Version: 2 more 2012 UD
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I had a damaged patch so I contacted UD to send it in for a are my hits:
[Image: SCAN0510.jpg]
[Image: SCAN0511.jpg]
What do you want for the duck?
I'd like to be checked for both mascots... Smile
I could use the Oregon mascot card. Thanks. Smile
check me for reveille
Dudes--where can i get a box of these?? the lowest i found so far is 93.95 for a box 2012 UD.
Ok, just found it for 89.95.....a lot of store are SOLD OUT.
Upate--the lowest so far 87.95

Just bought 2 boxes of 2012 tri-star signcuts...felt more lucky just by the way they look.
I paid $125 each at my LCS...
Nice duck
(05-12-2012, 04:05 PM)malaka76 Wrote: [ -> ]I paid $125 each at my LCS...
am I the only one that remembers when UD was the cheap product to bust during the season? lol it was the "I need to bust wax, but can't afford a Nat'l Treasures!" product when I was a kid Tongue
What was the other Letterman?
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