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Full Version: Chris & Chris breaks
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So my friend Chris and I just started breaking boxes together going 50/50 on the costs and deciding what we want to do with the hits afterwards. We are trying to buy at least 1 box of something every week. We started last week by buying 1 box of 08 Topps Chrome and 2011 Topps Precision.

The 08 Topps Chrome actually was pretty good. We didn't really get any great top rookies out of the box but our auto was Matt Forte which was really nice.

The Precision box started out rough for us. Jamie Harper jersey auto, Vincent Brown red ink auto to /75, then Eric Berry auto /50 but finally a good hit from the box......a Blaine Gabbert/Jake Locker dual auto to /25

Tomorrow we are busting 2008 Topps Chrome, 2009 SP Signature, 2010 Panini Crown Royal, and a 2011 Panini Prime Signatures. Hopefully I'll have pictures up of the stuff from last week and this week.
Sweet dual auto
scans of the dual? I would be interested.
Interested in the Berry
hey guys. Was going to break the boxes last night but due to scheduling conflicts between me and my friend we weren't able to get together. Hopefully will have the boxes broken today or tomorrow with the pictures up then too.