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Full Version: huge lot needing to move
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Would really like to sell for some paypal..but would be interested in trading up in your favor BV wise for possibly some higher end autos. can provide list of cards or book value if anybody would like. willing to sell most cards really cheap compared to BV. Any melo auto you may have, i am most likely interested. just reply to this thread with a pic of what you are willing to trade.

melo patches
[Image: be0ee424.jpg]

melo jerseys
[Image: 79f00cca.jpg]

melo jersey/refractor/booklet
[Image: 7198e9c4.jpg]

curry auto/patch lee/melo jersey
[Image: b1001a84.jpg]

old school
[Image: ab68ea42.jpg]

mini stickers
[Image: 11f30cb0.jpg]