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Full Version: found these Dale Earnhardt 1997 diecast @ a garage sale
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Wondering if anybody can help me identify these cars, there are a couple of variations, I mostly collect cards so I'm not really sure if they are rare or even worth anything any help would be greatly appreciated.

here's the link, sorry about that guys.
Cant see pics. Use photobucket.
I can't see them either, photobucket or scan them.
i have collected almost every Sr diecast,, i could help...but we have a blank canvas to look at.
I did a quick scan of eBay competed listings, and there are TONS of those that ended with NO bidders that had starting bids of $3-$5....the ones that sold went for around $1-$3 each. 1:64 scale cars don't sell for anywhere close to the 1:24 scale. If you got a great deal on the whole lot, you might be able to make a few bucks.
some of those are valuable--like the wheaties, lowes food, the silver, and maybe the striped 2 car.
I got everyone you have here..The market is just not what it was when Sr past away.
I got a massive collection worth around 15K...and been wanting to sell it off.
I got Diecast worth 500-1200 dollars each.
and tons which are autographed.
Yeah I paid 10 dollars for all of them so not really loosing any money, @paw I figured the ones that were autographed would continue to grow due to his passing but thank you for all the input