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Full Version: Longshot: Any Evan Gattis Minor League Cards Out There?
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Just as the title says I'm looking for any minor league cards of Braves catcher/LF prospect Evan Gattis . He has none listed on the Beckett database, but I'm hoping maybe a fan of one of the teams he's played for can help me out with a minor league issue. He played for Danville in 2010, Rome in 2011, and started the 2012 season playing for Lynchburg before being promoted to Mississippi this past week. Dude has just been mashing the ball all year, and the story of his background and the path he took to become a pro-ballplayer is unreal. (I'll link article).
bump. I'll throw this in as a bonus for anyone that can help me out on this one.

[Image: 2010kernelsdavtrout.jpg]
There's a 2011 Rome set that he is a part of. Looks like there is one available on eBay:
Yeah I've seen the sets, just want the single.
I googled minor league baseball cards and came up with this;