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Full Version: Cinco De Mayo Trade Thread
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Going Thru some of my Old Trade Bait I havent Organized yet and some Celtics I already have or want to Downsize out of my Collection and a Few new Pickups

Im Currently Putting them into my Organize so if you dont see something you want In my organize Post here or PM me and ill will Get it in Right Away

Looking for Celtics, Brook/Robin Lopez, Bill Walton , Dan Majerle, Topps Olympics Hopefulls. Or anything that Catches my EYE.

[Image: Cards1001-10.jpg]

[Image: Cards1002-8.jpg]

[Image: Cards1003-7.jpg]

[Image: Cards1004-6.jpg]

[Image: Cards1005-4.jpg]

[Image: Cards1006-2.jpg]

[Image: Cards1007-2.jpg]

[Image: Cards1008-2.jpg]

Note: The Tucker 5 Break Patch i might ask for Slightly Higher then BV for it
All Cards should be in my Organize now
Justin, check your messages.