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Full Version: Did say the least
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So I haven't cracked wax in a long time but decided today was the day to go all out... NT Case, 1 Playbook, 1 Plates & Patches, 1 TTT.

Started with the Plates & Patches:Photobucket

Nothing spectacular until.....

Then I moved on to TTT, please remind me why I bother with this, I never hit anything on TTT:

Then I decided to open the Playbook, not bad at all:

Finally, the moment I had been waiting for, not only the first time I opened NT, but a case break non the less. Let's start with the general hits and we will wait to the end for the big ones...

And finally:

The Gore and Rodgers were in the same box with the Starr. What a box, the Flacco peaked out on the last.

All are hitting the bay, whatever doesn't sell will be for trade.
Damn, I would love the flacco but its probably out of my reach
Holy craaaaaaap, love the Jamaal awesome break
Now I call that a helluva day bustin wax. Not bad at all.
1/1's galore!!! Nice break man!!! Smile
thanks everyone!
Sweet bad none is for trade...Sad
Wow you killed it man congrads!
Awesome breaks! You made out big time. Probably one of the best play book boxes I've seen. Best card you got though was the Gore!
Congrats on your pulls!
Sweet packer pulls
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