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Full Version: 2011 Totally Certified
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Stopped by the LCS - nothing new, but decided to pick up the last box - was it a good idea?

Autograph Relic:

Jerrel Jerrigan Red Redemption


Lance Kendricks numbered to 299

Blue Relic:

Jermaine Gresham numbered to 249 (orange patch)

Heritage Collection base:

Roger Staubach: to 249 (white patch)

Jerome Bettis to 249 (white patch)

Blue parallel:

Percy Harvin: numbered to 50

Rookie of the Week:

Marcell Darius - Week 8

Another lousy box right?

Well, no - because that was only 5.

Heritage Collection Prime:

Don Maynard #2/2 (two tone green patch with visible stitching).

I took a photo of the Maynard to see if I could get it posted and it didn't come out well at all and then found out that the memory card reader on the computer doesn't work anyway.

But yes, I'd say that when I opened the pack and saw that one sitting there upside down with 2/2 in front of me that picking up that last box was a good idea.
Wow not bad, might want to talk to Footballcardz he might wana upgrade the 1/2 Don maynard he has now.

(05-04-2012, 11:04 AM)ZeroDave Wrote: [ -> ]Wow not bad, might want to talk to Footballcardz he might wana upgrade the 1/2 Don maynard he has now.
its likely that unless you had the cards side by side you wouldn't be able to tell - from his photo or scan, it looked like there might also be a second shade of green present - but without seeing the card in person I can't say. Because the stitching is the same color as the background you can only see it on close inspection.

I actually forgot to include the comment about Roger Staubach - when I was in law school, I intereviewed with an Administrative Law Judge who had played football for William & Mary in the 1960s. W&M played NAvy almost every year in the 1960s so he had played against Roger Staubach and when I asked what it was like to play against him, his answer was "what most people do not know about him was how fast he was - he was the fastest player I ever saw." Pulling that card reminded me of that and its rather cool to have met someone who played against a legendary player like that (would have been cooler if he hired me to be his clerk, but oh well).
very nice maynard..interested if you are looking to move it..Let me know what you are looking for..maybe I have something laying around...still have about 100,000 cards to load...if you give me a name I can go from there..Thanks, Rodney
well it's still only 5, cause you'll never see that redemption Tongue