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Full Version: Bryan's Braves auto WANTLIST (will keep updating)
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Figured in stead of keeping up with the ones I have I would start a list of the players I still need. List will start kinda small but I will keep updating when I find a few more players I need. This is mostly the only things I am gonna be looking to trade for for a while. Let me know if you have any of these players and hopefully we can work a deal. Please only certified autos in Braves uniforms.
Fred McGriff
Julio Franco
JD Drew
K Kawakami
Phil Niekro
Russ Ortiz
Gary Matthews Jr/Sr
Gaylord Perry
Mark Teixeira
Joe Torre
Kris Medlen
Derek Lowe
Kenny Lofton
bump this up today. Will add more this weekend.
I have a Marcus Giles auto in my org off that interests you.
Got a 2002 Betimet Donruss (Braves uni) if interested. Like some of your Ginter.
I have dupes of some of those guys if you might have a dupe of someone I need
Here is a current list of all the certified autos I have from past and present Braves in my PC:

All of these are either in a Braves uni, Braves farm team uni, or in the case of some of our big name draft picks I deem college and or team USA unis acceptable

Aaron, Hank
Anderson, Josh
Andrus, Elvis x3
Barthel, Cole
Barton, Brian
Beachy, Brandon
Bedell, Howie
Belliard, Rafael
Betemit, Wilson
Blanco, Gregor x2
Borbon, Pedro
Bream, Sid
Burdette, Lew x2
Cabrera, Melky
Campillo, Jorge
Carty, Rico
Cepeda, Orlando
Church, Ryan
Conley, Gene
Cox, Bobby (Manager)
Crandall, Del
Delgado, Randall
DeMacio, Tony (Scout)
DeVall, Brett
Devine, Joey x3
Dunn, Michael
Dye, Jermaine x2
Escobar, Yunel x2
Estrada, Johnny x2
Evans, Darrell
Evans, Dustin
Evarts, Steven
Filak, David
Flowers, Tyler
Franco, Julio
Francoeur, Jeff x2
Freeman, Freddie
Furcal, Rafael x4
Giles, Marcus x6
Gilmartin, Sean
Gilmore, Jonathan x2
Glavine, Tom
Gonzalez, Mike
Green, Nick
Griffey Sr., Ken
Hanson, Tommy x9
Helms, Wes
Hernandez, Gorkys x3
Hernandez, Luis
Herr, Aaron
Heyward, Jason x5
Hicks, Brandon x3
Holmes, Tommy
Horner, Bob
Hrabosky, Al
Hubbard, Glenn x2
Hudson, Tim x3
James, Chuck x2
Jethroe, Sam
Johnson, Cody
Johnson, Kelly x8
Jones, Beau
Jones, Brandon x4
Jones, Andruw x5
Jones, Chipper x2
Jones, Travis
Jurrjens, Jair
Justice, David x2
Kaaihue, Kala
Kawakami, Kenshin x3
Kimbrel, Craig
Klesko, Ryan
LaRoche, Adam x5
Lerew, Anthony x3
Lillibridge, Brent
Lipka, Matt
Locke, Jeff
Lombard, George
Lopez, Javier
Lyman, Jeff
Maddux, Greg
Martinez, Cristhian
Marquis, Jason x2
Mathews, Eddie
Matthews, Gary
McBride, Macay
McCann, Brian x7
McGlinchy, Kevin
McGriff, Fred x2
McLouth, Nate
McMichael, Greg
Medlen, Kris
Millwood, Kevin
Minor, Mike x7
Mordecai, Mike
Moylan, Peter x4
Murff, Red
Murphy, Dale x2
Nelson, Kenny
Niekro, Phil x4
Oropeza, Asdrubal
Pafko, Andy
Parr, James x6
Parra, Christian
Pena, Brayan
Pena Jr., Tony
Perez, Eddie
Perry, Gaylord
Prado, Martin x3
Ramirez, Horacio x2
Rasmus, Cory
Resop, Chris
Reyes, Jo-Jo
Rivera, Luis
Rocker, John
Rohrbough, Cole x2
Sain, Johnny
Salcedo, Edward
Saltalamacchia, Jarrod x2
Sammons, Clint
Schafer, Jordan x4
Schmidt, Jason
Sheffield, Gary
Simon, Randall x2
Smith, Bobby
Smith, Zane
Smoltz, John x3
Spahn, Warren x2
Stovall, Tyler x3
Suschak, Matt
Sutter, Bruce
Teheran, Julio
Teixeira, Mark
Torre, Joe
Tucker, Michael
Turner, Ted (Owner)
Uggla, Dan *INCOMING
Venters, Jonny
Vizcaino, Arodys
Wade, Terrell x2
Wainwright, Adam
Zapp, A.J.
sounds good cardboard. I'll give it a look over tonight and maybe we can help each other out.
(05-04-2012, 01:30 PM)bryandavidknight Wrote: [ -> ]sounds good cardboard. I'll give it a look over tonight and maybe we can help each other out.
Those are all technically PC but as I mentioned maybe we can work out a swap as I don't need some of the extras. I forgot to mention though that I also have another Chipper and another Andy Pafko that are in my trade folder