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Full Version: The Cat came back....
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I have not bought any Potvin cards in years, IMO they started to sell for more than I thought they were worth. Over the last few weeks I have been soul searching on what to collect as I have not been very excited about cards. I decided to start getting some Potvins and I picked a good time as a big collector started dumping his collection. I managed to pick up one of his best and certainly toughest cards in the UD Mask Signature Patch. I had one of these and when I liquidated my Potvin collection I sold it and have regretted it ever since. Well here it is back in my collection again


[Image: Potvinsignaturepatch.jpg]

Also decided to pick up a few high graded rookies (for fun)

[Image: potvinbgs95.jpg]

[Image: potvinpsa10.jpg]

More coming over the next few days/weeks.

Thanks for looking, comments are always welcome
Awesome additions, and so glad to see that you have found your passion again! That Auto-Patch is sick! Congrats!

wow sweet Potvin pick ups

back in the 90's he was one of the 3 big goalies folks collected good times in deed and sweet cards
Amazing patch, I can imagine how scarce that one usually is. Nice pick-ups.
Sweet Felix auto patch! The graded RC's a sharp too. Congrats
Nice cards, congrats.
Awesome sig patch dude!
i would say that you got a very nice patch auto there
we thought he was a goner.... lol. thanks, now that song is stuck in my head. sweet cards!