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Full Version: Matt Gilroy Progress
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I dont know how I'm gonna feel about this if the Sens oust the Rangers but I really liked this guy. Ive missed out on 2 cards I really wanted but both broke the $100 mark. Oh well...

[Image: gilroy6001.jpg]

[Image: gilroy5001.jpg]

[Image: gilroy4001.jpg]

[Image: gilroy2001.jpg]

[Image: gilroy3001.jpg]

[Image: gilroy1001.jpg]

[Image: gilroy7001.jpg]

and i apologize for the upside down pics, been awhile since ive posted anything.
WOW what a great looking PC. Awesome stuff!!
That is one darn good looking collection.
Beautiful PC! I admit I was not impressed by Gilroy's time in New York...not sure how he's been doing since he left. But that doesn't mean he isn't worthy of your wicked collection.
great work so far bro!
sweet Gilroy collection
Amazing collection! I love the Foursome card! Thanks for sharing!


Always liked Gilroy even though his seasons over buwahahaha!!!
Yeah I was so nervous watching the last period.... Go Rangers!
Should've stayed with New York, Matty... now you have been destroyed by that which gave you life! *thunder*
Or, maybe something a bit less melodramatic. But the general point is, Go Rangers!