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Full Version: CAPS!!!
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Okay guys, this has gone too far. Please just let it rest. I would hate to see people get kicked off the site for any period due to this. Keep your stick on the ice, folks!

Go Cap's GO!!!!GO....Cap's ......Go!!!!What a devastating bone crushing hit by Ovechkin !!!!In the slot all alone Ovechkin shoots He....S...C...O...R...E...S!!!!Now that is the Ovechkin we all know!!!!Go....Cap''s.... GO.....Great save H...O...L...T....B...Y...!!!!!!
Just a little over an hour folks...getting you all ready for the sounds of the game...
Yeah back on topic, today had to sting a little Smile
Bow before Kreider! I've been waiting to see this kid play forever, and I am not disappointed.
....but that fact he's producing more than Gaborik is just plain troublesome. Hey Marian - that 7.5m is for each regular season AND postseason!
Not worried with the feeling out process....even the Bruins won the first game of their series ....Kreider is a good player without question with a speed of 33.7 ..took him straight out of college and waited impatiently because he kept winning....somebody to pick up a few rookie cards of... what got me most in the game was how they let Brad Richards just walk right in on Holtby ....Holtby let in a few bad ones today and acknowledged it hey he is only human look for a better outing in game 2 of the series I am...
Well it works again for the Cap's they head back home with a split...gotta have faith....these games are super tough tons of hitting and plenty of patience...Ovechkin played his least amount of minutes but was the difference maker with the game may be hard to take but if that is what it takes Ovi is all in so he say's you can see the frustration on his face on the bench ....but hey the game plan is working....
Rangers didn't need any help having to play catch-up all night, but MacDonagh just kicked one in against Hank for good measure I suppose...
As a positive I can say there was a lot of great physical play for both teams which is always nice to watch, but especially when that's so much a part of your team's identity.

Well played... see you in DC for the breaker.
I expect well see a lot more one goal games in this series. Last night the Rangers looked a lot like the Caps in game 1, time to repaint the goals at MSG. Thems the breaks though, sometimes the puck just doesnt bounce your way.

We looked a lot better in game 2 than we did in game 1, I am hopeful.
We just might see a little difference in approach for game 3 in the Cap's versus the Rangers if rumor has it correct and Ovechkin is teamed up with Backstrom we may be treated to some additional scoring on the's to hoping...Go Cap's GO!!!
On a side note...Marc Bergevin selected as Montreal's new GM!
Well this is exciting. End to end action, lots of rushing from the Rangers d-men. Theyre taking a lot of risks, putting big faith in Hank.

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