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Full Version: CAPS!!!
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C-A-P-S Caps Caps Caps!!!

That is all.
Great series and great game! Holtby stayed strong all series and never got phased by the bruins!
If the Devils and Senators win, the top four are out and the bottom four are in. Weird. I was rooting for the Caps tonight.
Holtby sure is the story of the playoffs so far! Good to see him doing so well
Holtby stoned us cold, for sure, but they gave Joel "this was my 7th goal all year" Ward the first star. Pretty terrible if you ask me, Holtby deserved top billing.

Now I can go ahead and root for Ovechkin, and even without that in mind, I would rather have seen Boston fall to the next Stanley Cup champs, so hopefully the Caps pull it off.
Id love them to get to the finals so I could watch them on tv! Being a school out in Illinois they don't get any of the channels the games have been on besides NBC on the weekends! I've been watching them in crap quality on my laptop lol
I thought of you as soon as I saw the final score. Congratulations on the amazing win against a really freaking good team.
it was a good game

can't wait for tomorrow game seven at 7 and 8:30
Caps are the team I am cheering for since the Wings are out. Holtby is doing an excellent job in net for sure. Very impressed with him. In fact, he is the reason I am going for em lol.
Never mind. That's obnoxious.

What a hard fought series. Holtby was shaky just for a bit but this kid's game is red hot. Now when (not IF) the Rangers win Game 7 tomorrow, he will have to face down NYR top three, and out-duel Lundqvist. Not an easy task. Strap in, my friend.
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