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Full Version: High end RARE insert...94-95 SP Michael Jordan BGS 9.5 1:225 packs FT/FS +++
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I was trying for this set, got 40% and then gave up because some of them go for more than I want to pay for them, as you can see here....

I am looking for $150 cash delivered for them ALL.. or singles that include a Kobe auto, a Griffin auto, or any OKC thunder single that would be in that range. I can check buckets for the MJ when I get a chance.

[Image: spdiecuts.jpg]

Whoever gets this awesome old school MJ insert from me will get the other three cards as a throw in. Post your offers or PM me plz, thx.
That is such a beautiful card and set, for that matter. I picked up a box of those a while back and wanted to hit that MJ so desperately! I'm busting a couple boxes next week once I get paid, if I hit a Kobe auto you'll know first!
Do you have the Reggie Miller die-cut for trade or sale?
buckunteer, I hope you do hit something nice, good luck.

(04-25-2012, 12:40 PM)akaus Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have the Reggie Miller die-cut for trade or sale?
No sorry, that one and the Stockton I missed because I am too cheap.