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Full Version: Old School Autos.
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I picked these up from a guy who had gotten out of collecting and this is some of what he had left. I got some of these because they brought back memories of when I use to watch these guys(kind of telling my The Michael Waltrips and Sterlin Marlins are for my PC. If you see something you may be interested in let me know I will add to my ORG.

[Image: Racing-1.jpg]
[Image: Racing1.jpg]
Would be interested in the Morgan Sheperd and the Nemecheks
I would be in the Martins and Wallaces
Very cool - Thanks for the pics.
Can you check me for any of the Certified/Authentic Autos (not IP autos) - Rusty Wallace, Irvan, Nemechek


(04-28-2012, 07:46 PM)roostersclassics11 Wrote: [ -> ]I would be in the Martins and Wallaces
Sorry didn't see anything I needed.