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Madison Bumgarner Acclaimed Impressions Gold /5 $100 OBO
[Image: photo-12.jpg]

Cliff Lee Tribute Auto /50 $22
[Image: photo-11.jpg]

Cliff Lee Tirple Threads auto /18 $25
[Image: photo-10.jpg]

Cliff Lee Tirple Threads auto /18 $25
[Image: photo-9.jpg]

Stephen Drew Titanic Thread Gold /10 $10
[Image: photo-8.jpg]

Justin Upton Titanic Thread /99 $7
[Image: photo-7.jpg]

Mark Teixeira Museum Collection quad jersey /75 $10
[Image: photo-4.jpg]

David Wright museum collection Jumbo Jersey /50 $12
[Image: photo-112.jpg]

Steve Garvey Acclaimed impressions /126 $20
[Image: photo-108.jpg]

Vance Worley Collegiate Patch Auto /250 $40
[Image: photo-107.jpg]

Vance Worley Blue Metal Auto /51 $35
[Image: photo-106.jpg]

Brody Colvin Bowman Chrome Auto and Refractor auto /500 $12
[Image: photo-104.jpg]

Pictures by zmhower2469 - Photobucket
Offer on its way!
Interested in trading for that Garvey.
(04-22-2012, 07:18 PM)MrSwankTank21 Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in trading for that Garvey.
sorry didnt see anything i could use