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Full Version: OLD SCHOOL LOT FS!!! finest/bowmans/refractors/rcs
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Bowmans Best Kobe rc
[Image: IMG_20120411_162921.jpg]
Finest & BB Iverson rcs
[Image: IMG_20120407_162712.jpg]
Finest R.Allen & Nash rcs
[Image: IMG_20120407_162734.jpg]
Finest Mj & Iverson rc
[Image: IMG_20120407_162756.jpg]
BB best cuts Stockton
[Image: IMG_20120407_162911.jpg]
Finest refractors Garnett/VanHorn
[Image: IMG_20120407_162842.jpg]
BB atomic refractor & Finest refractor S.Kemp
[Image: IMG_20120407_162441.jpg]
Selling my Kobe already?!?! Wink
No lol..u traded me the best picks kobe not the base rc