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Full Version: Please help me finish 1 set and make a major dent in another
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I'm down to needing 9 cards to finish a 1957 Topps set. I am also looking for some 1958s. Send some offers on any of the 57s I need. Thanks.

I am wanting to trade to get as many of these as I can. But I'm only looking for Ex-Mt or better on the cards (no creases, no rounded corners, etc.). I need the following:

202, 220, 288, 325, 328 (Brooks Robinson), 336, 342, 346, 407 (Mantle/Berra dual).

Need a bunch, just let me know what you've got.

I know it's going to be tougher getting the 2 big ones from '57 and the big names out of '58. But any help would be appreciated.