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Full Version: mailday ... /25 certified gold
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So I can't spend any real money on cards till may so I found a few off the same dealer on the bay and saved on shipping .... think it was like 6 bucks total ...

maybe ill try this set I have a bunch more in my "Box"

[Image: afd46631.jpg]

bush 6/25
bess 17/25 plat
ford 25/25
jacobs 8/25
shipley 11/25 plat

budget collecting Smile
Sometimes budget collecting is actually better than high dollar collecting. Some of my $4 and $5 cards are my faves.
Five cards /25 for 6 bucks is a great deal!! Seems like a good set to try and complete.
looking for more of these if you have em for trade.
Certified kicks azz!
GREAT golds Big Grin
It took me a second to figure out what was behind those cards, thought they were framed or sumthin but oh ya, on your keyboard, lol! /25 is always a bonus while budgeting! Nice job!