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Full Version: Lost Card Database? + Panini Redemption Hilarity
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Hey folks.

Has anyone attempted to start a "lost card" database, specifically applicable to serially numbered cards? I'm sure there has to be something like that out there. I have been fortunate enough to have had only 2 cards lost in the mail so far this year. One was covered, sadly, the other was not.

It was an Evander Kane 09-10 Cup Scripted Swatches 08/25.
Helluva card to lose.

The reality is, sometimes mail is genuinely lost, sometimes it is stolen, sometimes your buyer/trading partner isn't playing fair.

Any thoughts? What other info can be included? I.e. town the card was shipped to, etc? I'm pretty sure we can't reveal names or anything else that specific.

IN OTHER NEWS: I got both of my Paul Postma Crown Royale redemptions today. Still waiting on EVERY contenders rookie autograph redemption (needed to complete my set!). Aren't those cards out there? And yet I got Crown Royale ahead of them. Great.
It would be a chore for the teary eyed.
True, but valuable info!
Who was the trade with if you dont mind me asking? And I am still waiting for a Subban Limited redemption from last year Smile
there is a few sites that have one data base...

said to see so many great cards go MIA