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Full Version: 11/12 Crown Roayle Private signings question
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I pulled one of these today, never got one in any of the boxes of crown ive broke this year. It doesnt have a print run on it and they arent listed on ebay. Does anyone know what the print run of these are? I pulled a Toews.
No print run on them. There seems to be no print run on much of the Crown Royale stuff this year. I have the Ondre Pavelec from this set, and it's not even prices under Hockey in the pricing! Haha! I don't think that you will find it under Crown Royale Private Signings, but under Panini Private Signings... unless nobody's sold them. Wink Nice pull, by the way!

Theres gotta be some kinda print run on it. I find it hard to believe that this is the first one ive pulled in like 14 boxes of crown and its not a limited card.
Limited it might be, but they sure as heck did not put numbers on them! Panini took the success of Crown Royale from last year and watered it down HEAVILY! The cards are of cheaper quality, have no print runs, unless #/50 or less, and the players are not of the best quality either. I'm not impressed myself.

I can tell you I also pulled the Toews out of Crown Royale. I sold it on ebay a few months back. Didn't go as high as I thought it would. The one that has him in the 3rd jersey is SP(black).
Where it really gets confusing to me is that Panini has private signing autos in last years stuff-- Dominion, Zenith, and in this years stuff-- Certified and Crown Royale and they all look the same design wise. So hard to know where it came from.
They have the private signings across all brands as far as I know and as for production runs your guess is a good as mine I pulled a Shanny in his Wings jersey and had seen other ones in his Jersey and Blues uni's...never seen one in his Wings jersey yet other than mine...hope they come out with print runs that would be cool but more than likely they won't...Mine is listed as BS1 the Devils one is BS2 and the Blues one is BS3..
I think PS is in all the sets but I could be wrong...

I know each set as a different person, for example so far Shanny has been devil, blue, I believe for the PS but not the whalers and rangers
now that you bring up the fact that its hard to tell where it comes from....

i really wish Panini would do the same thing Upper Deck does and thats to print the year and product it came from somewhere....
heck i'd be happy with just the year
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