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Full Version: 2011-12 Scratching The Surface Progress
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Good day, Beckett Community!

I have to say that I am becoming more and more impressed with the community members that strive for the best! We have all been able to benefit from each other in one way or another, and I have been the beneficiary of awesome friends and traders. Thank you to all who have made these Hockey Boards the top part of this site, and have also made our PC's what they are today! The STS has been a favorite insert set of mine since I saw them, and I really wish that last year's would be a finishable set. Alas, nobody has any of their redemptions in hand, and Panini has let us down... again! Well, on to the show!!!

[Image: HockeyCards002.jpg][Image: 003.jpg][Image: HockeyCards023.jpg][Image: HockeyCards005.jpg][Image: HockeyCards024.jpg][Image: HockeyCards003.jpg][Image: HockeyCards025.jpg][Image: HockeyCards006.jpg][Image: HockeyCards007.jpg][Image: HockeyCards026.jpg]

[Image: HockeyCards027.jpg][Image: HockeyCards008.jpg][Image: HockeyCards009.jpg]

Once again, thank you to everyone who has been a helping hand in my set progress so far, and to those who have trades in the works/in the mail with me! I love this community! Thank you all for the look and for any comments!

Those are awesome Randi! Keep up the good work and good luck with the rest!
Nice start
Randi, have a look at my Org, see if there's anything else there that catches your eye that I can add to the STS cards that I've got for you for that Kane.
Thanks for the comments, guys! I liked last years set a LOAD more than this years, but still love this one!

@Chris: I will take a look, but I am asking for a very decent trade value on that Kane. The Prime AU #/25 books for a lot, so mine being Patch #1/10 should put a really nice premium on it. I will let you know, and thanks for getting in touch with me!

Nice work Randi! Your set is looking good! Good luck with the rest!
SWEET!!!! Very nice work so far Randi!!! I will keep a lookout for any that might pop up in my area. Congrats on the progress so far.
that is pretty sweet looking set
Ive got a Graves, Zuccarello, Couturier & Scrivens (and Ryan, Kadri that you already have)... If you have a card store that sells single packs of crown, these cards are pretty easy to pack pick. The packs are thicker then the usual, but not quite as thick as the packs with patches/primes/silhouettes. Usually it seems to be STS, dummy, iceking in the pack, but they are really easy to detect
very nice so far!! i can't wait to see what your finished set looks like!
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