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Full Version: Three For Me, None For You!
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Good day Beckett Community!

It has been really slow in the wake of the past week's mail, but it has been great none-the-less! Trading has been really slow as of late, and not just for me... everyone seems to be feeling the bite, but I have come out with the scintillating (wow... I spelled that one correctly!) scent of roses in my nose! Haha! Trades with Ryan (rcm331) and Steve (nemesis7777) have brought me these three beauties. I showed the Price redemption a little while ago, and this turnaround only took Panini 14 days! I redeemed it on April 3, and received it yesterday, April 17. Now that's a redemption that I can't complain about. If only they would get going on my 2010-11 STS Jamie Benn... replace or redeem, I don't care!

Here are the pics!

2011-12 Certified Mirror Gold-Carey Price AU #14/25

[Image: 001.jpg]

2011-12 Crown Royale Red-Jaroslav Halak

[Image: 002-2.jpg]

2011-12 Crown Royale Scratching The Surface-Adam Henrique

[Image: 003.jpg]

This is the top card in my 2011-12 Scratching The Surface thus far, and I am really hoping to add to this set quickly, as they seem to be more available than last year's /100 count. Thank you very much to the guys for the trades! I am also making a thread to showcase my STS progress, so please give that a look too! Thank you for the look, and all comments are welcomed and appreciated!

Nice mail Randi! The turnaround on that redemption was nothing short of awesome!

PS - Good job on the spelling by the way Smile
(04-18-2012, 02:09 PM)roussy35 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice mail Randi! The turnaround on that redemption was nothing short of awesome!

PS - Good job on the spelling by the way Smile
Duhr! Thank you! Bahahaha! I am thoroughly impressed with Panini's efforts on this one... but we all know that it will be short lived!

That Price is a killer Randi. Nice pick ups!!
Very nice additions Randi!!! The Price auto is really nice. Congrats!!!
nice pick ups congrats
Awesome stuff Randi! Im glad the redemption didnt take long to get the real thing in your hands, i was a bit worried about that, but my worrys were not necessary lol. It looks great, still have the Wolski STS and Halak CVTW Auto for ya, will sort out a trade for them soon, im a bit under the pump at the moment Smile

Also in other news, i received your end of our trade today - with the Nolan/Tootoo Dual! It looks SICK!!!! Im so stoked! I will have a show off thread some time in the near future, and it will be in there for sure!
nice pick ups
i'll say it again, i love the Scratching The Surface autos
Sick Henrique card, went to High School with him...
Nice cards you have there.
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